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This week’s media coverage highlights

This week’s media coverage highlights

Below are this week’s coverage highlights as the MC20 prototype and 2021 Trofeo models continue their tour across the United States, we kicked off a Levante promotion and our Ghibli gets a great review:

  • Automotive journalists attended the MC20 and Trofeo collection events in Long Island, New York and New Jersey and shared social content about the MC20.
  • HotCars shared photos of the MC20 in the Rosso Vincente paint color which was shared on Maserati social pages
  • Gear Patrol published an overall positive review of the 2020 Ghibli
  • “The Maserati Suite Drive” promotion at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles began on October 1 and will run through December.Guests booking a suite receive the use of a Maserati Levante for 1 day of their stay. Details of the special promotion were published on Luxe Getaways, HospitalityNet and RusTourismNews and on the Instagram page for the hotel.
  • The November print issue of duPont Registry promoted the MC20 on the cover via a partnership with our dealer (attached)


Read more stories below: 


October 2020

Tamara Warren Instagram

Alex Kalogianni Instagram and Twitter

Alexander Enock and @Gf1in Instagram influencer content


2 October 2020

HotCars (Stephen Rivers)

Headline: Here's What The Maserati MC20 Looks Like In Its Bespoke Red Color

Sub-head: The proper name of this volcano red shade is Rosso Vincente, which means "Winning Red" in Italian.

This is an update on the MC20 model in Rosso Vincente including pictures: “It's a bit more glossy, a bit brighter, and seems a bit more like it's actively on fire. If it ends up being as inspiring to drive as it is to look at, Maserati will certainly make a bigger dent on the supercar market.”


November 2020 Issue

duPont Registry

Headline: Introducing the Maserati MC20

Print cover of the Maserati MC20 on duPont Registry’s November issue.

(PDF attached)




2 October, 2020

Gear Patrol (by Tyler Duffy)

Headline: The 2020 Maserati Ghibli Is Fancy, Italian...and, Yes, a Maserati

Sub-head: Maserati's midsize sedan is aging and pricey, but man, is it stunning to look at.

This is an overview of the 2020 Maserati Ghibli following Tyler Duffy’s loan: “It feels nimble, and steers crisply; the all-wheel-drive delivers substantial grip, even when I had to leave the pavement to attend another automotive event.”


Beverly Wilshire Levante Promotion:

6 October 2020

RusTourismNews (by Iuliia Tore)

Headline: Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel Launches Maserati Suite Drive Package


6 October 2020

Hospitality Net

Headline: Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

Sub-head: Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel Launches Maserati Suite Drive Package


2 October 2020

Luxe Getaways (by Damon Banks)



6 October 2020

Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons promotes the Maserati Suite Drive Package on their Instagram



5 October 2020

HotCars (by Marko Sokolovski)

Headline: These 10 Cars Were The Perfect Sleepers Straight From The Showroom Floor
Sub-head: Sleeper cars might look boring, but these cars pack a mean punch that can knock out most sports cars without even breaking a sweat.

A list of the best sleeper cars of all time including the Maserati Quattroporte IV.


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