Parts Center

For all your needs in Maserati parts and accessories in Montréal and in Quebec, no other centre offers you more choice and expertise than the team of parts experts at Maserati Québec!

A wide range of Maserati parts, products and accessories is available in our parts department. These high-quality, precision products have been designed and made with your Maserati in mind, and no other brand can offer the same guarantee of optimizing your luxury car's look, longevity and performance.

Feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 1 866 601-3407 for more information about our Maserati parts.

The accessories designed for your Maserati allow you to fully enjoy your vehicle in every situation and over time. Each individual component has been conceived with the aim of increasing safety, comfort and driving pleasure, boosting the performing soul of your Maserati.

If you are looking for technicians trained and certified by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible care, we have access to cutting-edge computer technology and diagnostic equipment, and our service department offers fast and accurate service. We also offer a home delivery service to serve you better. In addition, before it leaves us, your car receives the aesthetic care it deserves.